Why replace motherboard for thousands of rupees when we can provide chip level repair that costs far less and with same reliability and quality?

Laptop Servicing

Our cars need servicing over months, so does our laptop. That nasty dust and dried heat paste counts negatively for our precious piece's life and good health.

Heat Problem Solution

Your laptop heating too much? It has been found that most laptop end up dead due to excessive heating! Resolve the heat issue today and save your laptop!

Screen Replacement Service

Screen cracked? Dropped your laptop? We provide reliable and affordable screen replacement service with at least 6 months replacement warranty!! Get your screen replaced today.

Hard Disk Repair/Replacement

All of our important files and documents are stored in the hard disk. They can stop working anytime and can have problems due to droppings, careless usages and viruses etc...

Cooling Fan Repair/Replacement

The most obvious culprit of the over heated laptop is the lack of ventilation. The ubiquitous dust is the main actor here. This dusts block the main ventilation system of the laptop.

Data Backup/Recovery Service

Love your data? We do too. Data Loss is catastrophic sometimes. Act sensibly in time and recover painlessly in case. We also provide data recovery services in case you didn't act previously.

Software Problem Resolution

Having problems with Office? Skype or Viber? We are more than happy to help you resolve your software issues... Please call us and we shall make our best efforts to help you online remotely.

Windows Repair/Installation

In every problems, there might not be need of system re-installation. We try repairing your system before installing fresh new systems. We are also serious about your old data.

Battery Replacement

Battery backup low? Battery not working? We provide battery replacement service for your laptop. Batteries can be of various types: 6 cells, 4 cells, 9 cells, 12 cells.

Power Adapter Replacement

We provide reliable and affordable Power Adapter replacement service. In minor cases, we can even repair your power adapter. We provide 6 month's warranty with power adapters.

Keyboard Replacement

You keypad behaving weird? Keys plucked out? Keyboard not working at all? We have solution for every such problems. Sometimes, faulty software too makes it happen. In hardware cases, you can have your keyboard replaced.

Any Software Installation

Need to install your favourite software? We can help you install your favourite software.

Drivers Problem Resolution

If proper drivers are not installed, you can face difficulties in your laptop. We provide you with perfect drivers installation service.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We are committed to providing you quality service. If you have large amount of resources to be looked over, we provide Annual Maintenance Service and we take care of your all resources.